Ceramiche Sambuco - Deruta  

Our certifications

The certifications earned by Sambuco are the results of a great effort that the company decided to do for the attainement of its goals and the quality in several of the business aspects like the production of ceramics of artistic high level, the guarantee of the products relized, the wide offer of services and the satisfaction of the customer._


Compliant to Company’s founding principles, the organization wants:

• to create, develop, innovate products in the historical continuity that has always characterized Deruta’s manufacure;

• to imagine, invent, create functional daily living products and to satisfy the personal human’s desire of search for the 'nice'.


Our guiding values are:

• the pursuit of excellence in what we do;

• the correct ethical and moral conduct and mutual respect;

• the respect for the environment.

CAT mark (Artistic & Traditional Ceramic)

Ceramiche Sambuco Mario is enrolled with no.10 in the "Registry of the producers of artistic and traditional ceramics" of the Common of Deruta.


The national CAT mark (Ceramica Artistica & Tradizionale) has been instituted with the law of 1990, July 9, n. 188 to protect the italian artistic and traditional ceramics and the quality italian ceramics.


In compliance with the law, with deliberation of 1996, December 12, the "Ceramic National Council" approved the "Disciplining of production of the artistic and traditional ceramics of Deruta" to protect the denomination of origin and to defense and conservation of the famous technical and productive characteristics of Deruta.


The CAT mark (Ceramica Artistica & Tradizionale) can be used only from the craftsmen of Deruta enrolled to the "Registry of the producers of artistic and traditional ceramics", exclusively on ceramics produced in the factories situated in the territory of the Common of Deruta and as a result of specific authorization of the Committee of Disciplinary, composed of nine experts and presided by the Mayor of Deruta.


Advantages of the "CAT" mark: guarantee of the production place, control and protection of the production.


Ceramiche Sambuco Mario respects the requirements of the Regulations and Rules of Accreditation of use of the trade mark ITALCHECK-ITALIAN PRODUCT in reference to the manuifacture / production of Artistic ceramic for furnishing and table.

Another certificate that grants the authenticity, the quality and the reliability of our 100% MADE IN ITALY production.


Ceramiche Sambuco Mario is awarded of a great recognition: it entered in ITALIAN IDENTITY INDEX, the identity card that is given only to those who are recognized as “master of Italian know-how”.

Another certificate that grants the authenticity, the quality and the reliability of our 100% MADE IN ITALY production.

Activity in the field of artistic manufacture

Ceramiche Sambuco Mario has the recognition on the part of the Provincial Commission for Artisan of company whose activity is in the field of artistic manufacture referred to the D. P. R. (Decree of the President of the Republic) 288/2001.

Discover the art of ceramic!

The company’s staff will be happy to guide you through the workshop, offering a comprehensive and detailed description about all phases of the ceramic’s handmande working, from the creation of the models to their exit from the kiln.

Please, contact us to book the guided visit to the workshop.