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Modello Italiano


Modello Italiano brings a dramatically different dimension to home decor planning.


Our products, realized exclusively in Italy right from scratch using the original fresco technique, are made using traditional methods described by Vitruvius, Vasari and Cennini, which involve the preparation of the plaster using extinguished lime and river sand and the painting on a wet base, which effectively is a “true fresco”.


Longstanding experience and meticulous tests carried out in our laboratories have led us to affirm that the preparation of the formula following Cennini’s method is reliable and long-lasting, especially keeping in mind the perfect conservation of paintings made over 500 years ago.


Excellent results can only come through experience and good oldfashioned hard work right from the beginning. This is true not only of the fresco but also for the uniqueness of our mixture, formulated after a battery of exhaustive technical tests, thanks to which, both good product application as well as versatile architectural end uses, from moulding and edging to plastering, are possible.


As great architects and historians have posited, today there is the need for brands that declare the identity of the spaces that we occupy and inhabit, and of brands that are the hallmark of a quality


Modello Italiano imparts value to planning quality and product uniqueness by encouraging a lively exchange of ideas between the client and the architect.


On this basis, Modello Italiano is thus devoted to creating true works of art which, while sometimes inspired by the great masters of the past, want to be always innovative and contemporary.

Discover the art of ceramic!

The company’s staff will be happy to guide you through the workshop, offering a comprehensive and detailed description about all phases of the ceramic’s handmande working, from the creation of the models to their exit from the kiln.

Please, contact us to book the guided visit to the workshop.