Ceramiche Sambuco - Deruta  


The mind, the heart, the hands.


Ceramiche Sambuco Mario, a family that operates and grows in accordance with current entrepreneurs.


Thanks to the quality of the raw materials used and preparation of its specialized artists, the company manufactures ceramic objects, from the classical tradition to the fusion with modern and contemporary styles.

This rational co-existence between the ancient and the modern is attested to by the countless lines that are produced and on display in the company’s Deruta show-room. Here, you can find furnishing and décor pieces, ceramics for everyday use, tableware, flooring, tables, lamps, liturgical furnishings and much more, all hand crafted in a vast range of shapes and decorations. These pieces can also be personalized or created from a client’s specifications.


Sambuco's flagship is its adaptability to customer personalization needs.

Discover the art of ceramic!

The company’s staff will be happy to guide you through the workshop, offering a comprehensive and detailed description about all phases of the ceramic’s handmande working, from the creation of the models to their exit from the kiln.

Please, contact us to book the guided visit to the workshop.