Ceramiche Sambuco - Deruta  

Our production: shapes and decorations


"Earth, water and fire
but above all craftmanship
are the simple elements which
distinguish this ancient art"


The company produces numerous lines of decorations; all manufacturing processes are performed only by hand and there is ample capability for creating new decorations, even personalised to customer request.


Sambuco offers a wide choice of tableware and kitchenware, gift items, bonbonnieres, decorative items and products for the interior design like lamps, tables, benches, chandeliers, mirrors, floor and wall tiles, accessories for the bathroom and the kitchen, shelves, switch plates and much more. These pieces are carefully designed to bring together tradition, style, design and functionality.


Our ceramics can be used by companies like marketing tools in the occasion of exhibitions, conventions, meetings, festivity or like awards. The items can be personalized with writings, marks and coat-of-arms.


With reference to the home furnishings sector, Ceramiche Sambuco Mario has a rich production of tables, made with a single top or with multiple stones or tiles, for both indoor and outdoor use.


Made to endure the effects of the weather, they are available in various sizes and shapes: round, square, rectangular, oval, elliptical and in modular versions. They can be mounted on solid iron bases made with traditional Umbrian craftsmanship techniques, or on bases made of wood, steel, or other durable material, depending on the client’s tastes and needs.


Sambuco’s hand-crafted tables are perfect for any type of decor. They can be decorated with any type of design, from classic motifs inspired by Deruta’s ceramic-painting tradition (Raphael-style, floral designs, calligraphy, compendiario-style, with religious and allegorical images) or with more modern designs.



List of some of our shapes

Dishes, Hanging plates, Table-sets, Tea-sets, Coffee-services, Pitchers, Rooster-jugs, Glasses, Cups, Anphoras, Cachepots, Pots, Umbrella-stands, Vases, Jars, Tiles, Majolica paintings, Jewel-cases, Bombonnieres, Ash-trays, Trays, Biscuit-tins, Fruit-dishes, Center-tabes, Candy-boxes, Goblets, Holy water stoups, Ceramic writing-desks, Ink-stands, Pharmacy jars, Candlesticks, Salad-bowls, Lighters, Crucifixes, Salt-cellars, Cruets, Hors-d'oeuvre dishes, Frames, Clocks, Small and big ornaments, ...



List of some of our decorations

Arabesco blu, Arabesco colori, Arabesco rosso, Gallo blu, Gallo rosso, Gallo verde, Raffaellesco, Ricco Deruta, Ricco Deruta blu, Deruta fresco, Festoncino, Fiore Deruta, Erbavoglio, Limoni e blu, Frutta, Deruta Antico, Figure in stile antico, Antico Farmacia, Raffaellesco 1600, Arabesco Antico, Penne di Pavone, Coda di Pavone, Vario geometrico a colori, Gigli, Ornato su fondo blu, Ornato su fondo arancio, Uccello fondo blu, Vite fondo verde, Riproduzione di opere pittoriche, Arcaici, Bizantino Oro, Arlecchino Oro, Rubino e Oro, Trafondato Fiori e Oro, Tralci e Oro, Arabesco Oro blu rosso e verde, Raffaellesco e Oro, Graffito Oro, Cotto e Oro, Tutto Oro, Reproduction of Marks and Coat-of-arms_, Personalised decorations_...

Discover the art of ceramic!

The company’s staff will be happy to guide you through the workshop, offering a comprehensive and detailed description about all phases of the ceramic’s handmande working, from the creation of the models to their exit from the kiln.

Please, contact us to book the guided visit to the workshop.