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The fresco courses
An ancient art of irresistibile charm


Ceramiche Sambuco Mario organizes personalized ceramic courses following client needs.


The word fresco comes form the Greek υγρός, which means wet: Plutarch in his Moralia calls the fresco έφ΄ύγροϊςζωγραφεϊν (painting on wet); in Latin the word for fresco is opus tectorium: Pliny describes fresco painting as “udo tectorio colores illinere” (spreading colours on wet plaster).


Our products, realized using the original fresco technique, are made using traditional methods described by Vitruvius, Vasari and Cennini, which involve the preparation of the plaster using extinguished lime and river sand and the painting on a wet base, which effectively is a “true fresco”.


The proposal includes the visit to the workshopy with detailed description about all phases of the fresco’s handmande working and the painting class defined by number of participants and hours required. Each activity will be supported by the assistance of Sambuco’s staff.


We are at your disposal for any information.

Discover the art of ceramic!

The company’s staff will be happy to guide you through the workshop, offering a comprehensive and detailed description about all phases of the ceramic’s handmande working, from the creation of the models to their exit from the kiln.

Please, contact us to book the guided visit to the workshop.